Adam asked Becky to marry him…I got to be there

Posted by jennie at 7/17/2007 8:02 AM
This past weekend during one of my shows there was a marriage proposal. Becky volunteered to play a game with us. Well, we tricked her into volunteering. While she had her back turned we got Adam up on stage. When she turned around she found him on one knee. Everyone started crying. There is wedding being planned as I type.
This has been done a few other times at our club. This one was my second favorite. Steve proposed to me during one of our shows about 9 years ago. That one tops the list for me!
Hey Adam and Becky! I hope you have a great life together Enjoy the next few months of wedding mania. A lot of us stress about all the details. Don’t! Just have fun and make sure you get mostly what you want. Don’t make a seating chart that ticks people off. I did that and it was a waste of time. No one wants to sit with your stinky aunt makes weird noises and puts the rolls in her purse. If you skip the seating chart, the late arrivals gets stuck with her. Not your fault! Good luck and may the force be with you!
OK, I’m done.


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