Age differences in dating

Posted by jennie at 6/21/2007 8:17 AM
There is a couple in the news that just got married.
This in itself isn’t news worthy but they have a bit of an age difference. He is 40 and she is 16. EW! GROSS!
Today we were talking about this at the news desk and I heard a good rule of thumb. The difference in ages should be no larger than half your age plus seven years. So for example, if you are 40 you shouldn’t date anyone younger than 27. That seems pretty reasonable.
Age difference matters a lot more when you are younger obviously. This girl is taking someone who could be her father to her prom. As a matter of fact people are going to think he is her father everywhere they go.
I do understand not wanting to date younger guys. They aren’t as mature as the older ones and let’s face it ladies: as men get better looking as they get older.
Warning signs the guy is too old:
1. If you are in high school and he is one of the teachers he is too old.
2. If he is already using a nose hair trimmer he is too old.
3. If he is signing your tardy slips and field trip forms he is too old.
4. If your parents have to sign legal documents for you to get married he is too old.
5. If the guy you are considering dating is due for his regular prostate exam he is really too old.
Picture this……….you go to your high school reunion.Your husband’s dentures fall out when he bites into his food. Then when he goes to pick them up off the floor his back goes out. So, they have to call the paramedics to take him to the emergency room. You have to leave early. He tells you to stay but then who would carry his oxygen tank.
Ok,I’m done


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