Cleaning for the In-laws

Posted by jennie at 6/28/2007 7:43 AM
There are piles and piles of stuff all over my house. I do have a pretty ingenious way of cleaning up for my In-laws. Feel free to use my 5 step plan.
1. Get lots of trash bags to shove stuff into.Then shove it all in the closets.
2. Open all of the kitchen drawers and run your arm down the counter knocking everything inside the drawers.
You should not put anything into the silverware drawer people are likely to look in there.
3. Don’t over look the space under beds. Take a broom and sweep everything that’s on the floor under the bed.
That’s also where you should put all shoes and…………unmentionables…teehee
4. Instead of wasting time carrying stuff upstairs just throw it!
This saves time and is good for the flab on the back of your arms.
It’s true they make a lot of the mess but if you bribe them they will do anything! A trip to the dollar store will get you a clean house.
OK, I’m done!


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