guys and fixin stuff

Posted by jennie at 7/5/2007 7:14 AM
Santa brought a guitar for me and one for my daughter for Xmas this year. We are learning how to play them….slowly. Well, a string broke on hers and I didn’t really know how to restring it so I brought it in to work and asked one of the guys to show me how.
This is where I started laughing. Four different guys that work here showed up at my desk wanting to help or watch this guitar getting restrung. They looked like they were all gonna go nuts. Each one of them wanted to be the one to fix that guitar. Now, if someone else is doing it and all they can do is watch then you can hear how they would have done it.
I think this is a pretty universal male trait. When something can be fixed and think they can do it they REALLY WANT TO DO IT!!!
It can be something as small as glueing a toy back together.
I can start but within a few seconds Steve’s spidey senses are tingling and he has run into the room. They toy will be out of my hand before I know it. Which used to get on my nerves. Not anymore!
I think that I am gonna try to start using this information to my advantage.
I can tell Steve that all the laundry is broken and lost. Maybe he will fold it and find it a home back in the drawers.
I can tell the guys at work that I can’t get any of the traffic information. Tell them all I really need help. Maybe I won’t have to do anything.
Maybe someone will write a blog for me…….I gotta go talk to the guys about “MY COMPUTER PROBLEMS”
Oh, thanks to Eddie, Rodger, David and Matthew. Eddie never could have restrung that guitar.
OK, I’m done.


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