Myspace…don’t put up your ugly face

Posted by jennie at 7/10/2007 7:22 AM
I know taking pictures is hit or miss and that’s why there is a delete on digtal cameras…. That is not an excuse for stupidity. When you choose pictures for your Myspace profile picture don’t pick one that makes you look like you belong in Night of The Living Dead part 7. I’m not saying run out and have Glamour shots made. Then you look pathetic. What you want to do is take pictures that make you look good without looking like you tried.
Heres what you SHOULD DO in those myspace pictures.
1. If you are in fact ugly just put up pictures of things you like. Things like your cat or your garden.
2. Use pictures that accentuate your good features. If all you have are cute feet, that’s what you should use. Load up pictures of your feet at the beach or wearing crocs. If you do put pictures up of your feet, go ahead and set that profile to private. Otherwise you get freaks looking at your toes. EWE!
3. No more bathroom pictures. Why do people do that? There is a guy that works here and all he has up are pictures of himself in his bathroom. What?! That is also an EWE!!!!
4. Keep you piercings to yourself. If they ain’t on your head we don’t want to see them.
5. Unless you look like Kimberly Van Scoy you should cover it up. All of it.
6. Always look like you are having a good time…just not that good of a time.
OK,I’m done


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