School fundraisers suck

Posted by jennie at 9/6/2007 8:09 AM
I am very happy to do stuff for my kids school. I have volunteered time, donated things the teachers needed, I even linked my VIC card to the school. BUT I HATE FUNDRAISERS!! I hate it when my kids come home with catalogs of crap that I would never buy and don’t want to. I don’t want to buy the $13 cheese grater with the phrase”Life is Gouda!” Let alone sell it to people I work with. Although, Brian’s favorite cheese is gouda.
The kids are promised pizza parties and Spiderman watches and $$$ if they sell enough of this stuff. They sell home decor and $45 wrapping paper. I am not going to decorate my house from a fundraiser for the 1st grade and I can get wrapping paper 90% off at Target after the holidays. Thank you very much!
The worst part of these type of fundraisers isn’t that everything is really expensive or that you feel pressure to buy stuff. The worst part is that the school doesn’t get as much of that money as we all think.
So, you give in. You really don’t want to buy anything but your kids are begging you and you give in because the money is going to the school. Then you find out the school doesn’t really get that much of the $. That is the worst part…well, that and the fact that you have a $35 singing snowman made out of tincans in your livingroom. Great! Now I have “Jingle Bell Rock” stuck in my head.
Let’s go back to school fairs and raffles. Heck, just ask for a donation.
” Jingle Bell ….Jingle Bell…. Jingle Bell Rock…..
OK, I’m done.


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