strange cats and doggie diets

Posted by jennie at 7/20/2007 7:33 AM
We all have weird pet stories here. Brian Slocum’s cats try to take showers with him. Who can blame them. Brian is a hottie. Talk about about a warm front! MEEEEOOOWWW!
My cat uses our socks to cover up her poop. Most people’s dryers steal their socks. My cat uses my socks as toilet paper. Either way you have to buy new socks.
The dogs around here are the real winners in the strange behavior contest. The diets of the dogs in this newsroom at some point have consisted of: a hamster, a small tree, trivial pursuit pieces, cat poop, and people. OK, the people eating isn’t true, but the girl that said it does have a pitbull. So, I guess it’s possible.
OK, I’m done.


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