Tell the truth……….you have to…..we did

Posted by jennie at 10/5/2007 7:46 AM
Here’s the deal. We all have things we are embarrassed to admit that we love. I propose that we all come clean. This is what I got out of some people here at the station.
Roger, one of our directors, watches and loves Days of Our Lives.
David, a production assistant, watches Jakkers. It’s a kids show on PBS about a pig. David’s kids are all grown up….
Nicole Ducoucer loves the smell of skunks…she says it reminds her of her years in WV. She also loves America’s Funniest Home Videos. I don’t know which stinks more.
Kaci,a PA here, was in the Southeast Thresher Pageant when she was a junior in high school. Keep in mind this isn’t just a pageant it is also a tractor and mule pull.
Austin dances to the High School Musical soundtrack….this is with his daughter of course.
Neil ,our craziest production assistant, wears women’s underwear. OK, he doesn’t. I just wrote that cuz’ he wouldn’t tell us anything….well, maybe he does….I didn’t check.
I love High School Musical, General Hospital, the movie Spice World, and I bought a copy of Darrin’s Dance Grooves.
There we all came clean. You guys can do it too……
Don’t be a Neil!!! Post your deep dark secrets!!!
OK, I’m done.


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