The next time I get asked for money

Posted by jennie at 7/26/2007 9:55 AM
This past weekend I went out to dinner with some friends. A man came up to us and asked for money. After an uncomfortable silence, we said no. He did not take no for an answer. So, we all said no again. Then the guy sits down at our table and will not leave. He gets grumpier and grumpier. He leaves after about 8 or 9 minutes. This was a very long 8 minutes. This was very irritating!!!!
I always feel uncomfortable when i say no. I shouldn’t!!! It is my money! So, I have come up with some ways that will make it easier for me to say no….at least they will make me laugh.
1. Just ask him for cash before they can ask me.
2. Tell him all I have is gold from under my rainbow.
3. Speak a foreign language. He will think I can’t understand them or that I am nuts. Either way, he is bound to leave me alone.
4. Start singing N’SYNC songs. That should make him say”BYE BYE BYE”. I probably just put that song in your head. Sorry about that.
OK, I’m done. That ain’t no lie. Bye! Bye! Bye!


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