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Its not my fault
November 23, 2007

Hey this is Jennie’s friend AJ.  Jennie has decided she doesn’t want to write a blog this morning but told me to do it for her.  So in honor of these directions I shall be writing this blog about shirking responsibility.  Seeing as my profession is full time temp I know quite a bit about other people having you do their work for them. (For more on the subject of temping please see Ryan’s character on earlier seasons of the Office available on NBC DVD.  Or just wait for the soon to be occurring reruns, woot writer’s strike!). Shirking occurs all the time, for instance just a moment ago the word responsibility in this blog was spelled resposibility. I don’t need to know how to spell cause the computer is smarter than me and has special mind reading powers so that it knows what I mean. Not having to deal with stuff is a desire ingrained in us at an early age when we make powerful poopy pants presents (bet you weren’t ready for that alliteration fun fest) and then our parents have to clean up our masterpieces.  But then that care free life style is ripped away from us as we are forced into toilet training.  They should make a new children’s book called “Everybody poops and if you were exceedingly crafty you could still get your parents to clean it up”.  Once we’re fully toilet functional life becomes a challenge to try and recapture those earlier carefree times.  Maybe we start blaming the dog for our smell trumpets, or blaming a young brother for a self administered hair cut, what ever the case we’re hoping to get others to suffer cause of things we’re responsible for.  Our irresponsible actions in college are perhaps the epitome of this desire.  We ride trash can down stairs, make poorly conceived mixers of beer and milk and just generally do things without taking the proper precautions all because this is our last chance to harm ourselves and still have our parents pay for it.  No one every really grows up they just have to start paying their own insurance premiums.


sex on the airplane…
November 7, 2007

Posted by jennie at 11/2/2007 6:55 AM

Singapore Airlines is now offering private beds for their flights. For the small fee of $4000 you and your significant other can join the mile high club. WHAT!
Wow. I have never had the desire to do it on an airplane….no one i know is admitting to it either…..but here is what I got them to fess up to.
People who shall remain nameless told me they got jiggy with it on a park bench,on a four wheeler in a Christmas tree farm,a laundromat,blockbuster while it was open, on a train, and on the flume ride at a water park.
I can’t believe people answered the question. Once somebody told me theirs everybody had a story to tell.
Kimberly, Austin, and Nicole thought they best not answer the question on the record…..prolly a good idea.

what to do on your first day at a new job
November 7, 2007

Posted by jennie at 10/22/2007 7:21 AM

1. Start a game of duck duck goose. You can pop everybody on the head while they are at their desk. . . call goose on your boss. I am gonna do this one day this week. . . I will let you know how it goes. . .
2. Ask if you can go home early. Tell your boss there is a really big plot change in your soap opera and you just can’t miss it.
3. Bring in a Billy Bass Singin’ Fish and a disco ball. Hang them up at your desk. Every time someone gets on a phone call turn them on and start a sing along.
4. Tell people very personal information. . . like you forgot to put on your underwear or that it is time for you to go for your yearly visit to the gynecologist.
5. Take all of the office supplies and scream “MINE!!!!!!” if anyone tries to take them.
6. Crap on the floor.
7. Quote lines from The Family Guy and The Simpsons. CONSTANTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Yell “Your Mama!!” randomly during conversations. . . especially one’s that you aren’t involved in.
Anybody have any ideas?????