sex on the airplane…

Posted by jennie at 11/2/2007 6:55 AM

Singapore Airlines is now offering private beds for their flights. For the small fee of $4000 you and your significant other can join the mile high club. WHAT!
Wow. I have never had the desire to do it on an airplane….no one i know is admitting to it either…..but here is what I got them to fess up to.
People who shall remain nameless told me they got jiggy with it on a park bench,on a four wheeler in a Christmas tree farm,a laundromat,blockbuster while it was open, on a train, and on the flume ride at a water park.
I can’t believe people answered the question. Once somebody told me theirs everybody had a story to tell.
Kimberly, Austin, and Nicole thought they best not answer the question on the record…..prolly a good idea.


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