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Let them eat cake!!!!
December 18, 2007

Healthy eating habits are important. We all want our kids to grow up and still fit through doorways. We want them to be able to go to Disney World without using a Rascal.  Heck, we want them to be able to fly without having to buy two tickets.

That being said I think that it is great that school helps us parents teach these good eating habits. That’s what they should be doing and THAT’S IT!!! They shouldn’t make our kids think they are gonna get in trouble because I put a half of a Pop Tart in their lunch box. 

Schools now go so far as to say the kids can’t  have holiday parties.  Kids can’t even bring in a treat to celebrate their birthday.  That’s right everybody, no cupcakes! My best friend ,who wishes to have her identity keep secret so as to keep the PTA loonies at bay, is helping plan the holiday party for her daughter’s class. It is a little tricky. The kids can’t have juice because it exceeds the 100 calorie limit for drinks. They can’t have any treats because they all exceed those wonderful healthy eating guidlines.  She can forget about chips.  Actually, she can forget about bringing in pretzels because they have to much sodium in them. The kids are eating broccoli and peppers. The parents are having the kids make them look like xmas trees. . . that will be fun.  I mean they aren’t gonna eat it, but that’s cool.

My school has been great about all of this nonsense. The kids are taught about healty eating and at the parties we have healthy choices and so far we have been able to have some treats.

I make a promise to all of you.  If my children are told they are having a holiday party and they are gonna eat broccoli my behind will be in that classroom forcefeeding all of the kids sugar cubes covererd in chocolate sauce

I wonder if these rule makers are having a holiday office party. . . I would love to cater! 



Advance Parade
December 10, 2007

Thanks to everyone at the parade! I really had a wonderful time meeting all of you. I thought my ride was awesome…though I sorta hope I am never actually in a car like that again. 🙂