Advance Parade

Thanks to everyone at the parade! I really had a wonderful time meeting all of you. I thought my ride was awesome…though I sorta hope I am never actually in a car like that again. 🙂


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  1. I’m sorry I missed your float. I haven’t been to the parade since I was a kid many years ago. I’m 54. On another note – I thought you might appreciate this: when I was a kid, the weather was not such a science. They had pull-down maps which had the “highs” and “lows”, etc. already printed on them. They also had the “Shell Weather Tower” which was a man (I think his name was Gene Scott) who was the weatherman. At the beginning of the segment there was a picture of a tower which looked like one of those electric towers – really high. Then the camera panned in to Gene as though he had climbed the tower and was in a weather station on the top. There were about four Shell oil cans along the front of the structure. As Gene gave the barometric pressure, temp, etc., he turned one of the cans around and the number was printed on the other side of the can (a flat side). My elementary class went to visit “WSJS” (one of the original owners of the station was the silent film star Mary Pickford) on a field trip. we were all so disappointed to see that the big, tall tower was actually a picture on a calendar and the little hut Gene climbed up to was a tiny thing pushed over into the corner of the studio.

    BTW, I was one of the ones who ragged on you when you first came on the program, but our relationship has greatly improved. I like where you’re coming from.


  2. I was glad to get the chance to meet you at the Advance Christmas Parade.i was one of the advance firefighters helping with the parade.i thought you did a really great job at the parade that are more than welcome to come back anytime…Merry Christmas!!!

    Steve Frye

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