Let them eat cake!!!!

Healthy eating habits are important. We all want our kids to grow up and still fit through doorways. We want them to be able to go to Disney World without using a Rascal.  Heck, we want them to be able to fly without having to buy two tickets.

That being said I think that it is great that school helps us parents teach these good eating habits. That’s what they should be doing and THAT’S IT!!! They shouldn’t make our kids think they are gonna get in trouble because I put a half of a Pop Tart in their lunch box. 

Schools now go so far as to say the kids can’t  have holiday parties.  Kids can’t even bring in a treat to celebrate their birthday.  That’s right everybody, no cupcakes! My best friend ,who wishes to have her identity keep secret so as to keep the PTA loonies at bay, is helping plan the holiday party for her daughter’s class. It is a little tricky. The kids can’t have juice because it exceeds the 100 calorie limit for drinks. They can’t have any treats because they all exceed those wonderful healthy eating guidlines.  She can forget about chips.  Actually, she can forget about bringing in pretzels because they have to much sodium in them. The kids are eating broccoli and peppers. The parents are having the kids make them look like xmas trees. . . that will be fun.  I mean they aren’t gonna eat it, but that’s cool.

My school has been great about all of this nonsense. The kids are taught about healty eating and at the parties we have healthy choices and so far we have been able to have some treats.

I make a promise to all of you.  If my children are told they are having a holiday party and they are gonna eat broccoli my behind will be in that classroom forcefeeding all of the kids sugar cubes covererd in chocolate sauce

I wonder if these rule makers are having a holiday office party. . . I would love to cater! 



14 Responses

  1. If you’re so into feeding your kids sugar cubes covered in chocolate sauce, please do so at home. I’m one of those moms who does not want sugar at school parties. Sure, kids can have treats at appropriate times, but aren’t they in school to learn? How about saving the birthday celebrations (cupcakes etc) for the parties you give? What’s wrong with the class making a card and singing them a song? We try very hard to keep our daughter focused on learning at school (and off of prescription meds), and sugar ruins all of that. The crash after eating sugar ruins her concentration not only for that day, but also for homework. Have you ever been around 20 kids screaming and running all over the place after eating those store-bought, artificial flavoring, coloring, sugar loaded cupcakes? Get a grip and think about others, not everyone wants their kids hyped up on artificial junk. And, is it fair for my daughter to have to feel left out, or singled out because we choose a healthier way of life? Do what you want with your kids, but don’t make those of us who choose a healthier path pay for your shortsightedness.

  2. We all try to make our children eat healthy, but a piece of cake and a little candy for a day will not hurt them. we all ate cake and candy when we were small and we’re healthy. Luckily my son’s class lets the parents get together and decide what the class should be served at the party. we recently had his Christmas party and they were served cake, cheese doodles, grapes, cheese, dip and vegetables. they were also served soda, juice, milk and water. suprisingly more kids than not chose a piece of cake and a combination of the healthy foods along with water and milk. the bag of cheese doodles were never opened. Let’s give our kids some credit. these were 6 and 7 yeaar olds and they new their limits on junk food. Taking away the option of sweets just makes them want it more.

  3. Dear sugar-free mom:

    Since when did we become a world that caters (literally) to the least-common-denominator? Just because you don’t want your daughter having a cupcake once or twice a month doesn’t mean that you should be allowed to impose your views upon everyone else. Where does it end?

    There’s a vegetarian in my daughter’s class…should all meat based products be taken from the school so she doesn’t feel ‘left out’? My son has a hypersensitive ear. He doesn’t like loud noises. They distract him and give him headaches. Perhaps they should get rid of the announcements and all choral concerts. I mean really, why should he have to learn to tolerate that? We all know that when he gets into the ‘real world,’ it will immediately conform to his idiosyncrasies and he’ll never be put in a situation where he feels left out. Oh wait…that’s right…that’s NOT how the real world works.

    Perhaps instead of sheltering your daughter from choices you put her in an environment that more closely mirrors reality and try to teach her restraint and self-control…because you know what…I’ll bet she surprises you and handles herself quite well.

    Oh…and the sugar/hyperactive kid thing: myth.


    Let the kids have a cupcake every once in a while. It certainly can’t be any worse for them than ‘beef nuggets’

  4. As a teacher I can completely understand both sides of this. However, I feel that students are not allowed to have fun at school anymore. There are also students who come to school and have never had a birthday party or who’s parents can’t afford to give them “treats” during the holidays like other student’s get and talk about. We need to teach our children how to make healthy decisions and give them those options. Gwen is right, you’d be surprised at the choices children make, even at 5 and 6. You also have to be careful about what you teach your children. I have a 6 year old who has an eating disorder in my class because she doesn’t want to eat and end up “fat”. SHE’S 6! Who do you think taught her these things? Yes, school should be about the education 99% of the time, but we can also teach children that sometimes, that 1% of the time, if you enjoy the people and the environment you are in it’s ok too. Sugar-free mom, I know what it’s like to have 20 sugar crazed children running wild in my classroom, I’ve made that mistake and learned from it. I also know that if your daughter has a good teacher then she can throw a “party” with all the sugary bad stuff and also have those healthy options you want for your daughter. The teacher can also help your child in making the right choices if you make it clear to the teacher that is what you wish and they can do it without making your daughter feel left out. Perhaps that is not your experience, but that’s what I feel the staff I work with could do. This is a tough subject because you have 20+ students, and their families, to try and balance. However, remember that the teacher wants what’s best for all the students in their class.

  5. Okay, SUGAR FREE MOM is going a little over board. I agree with Gwen. You can have a sweet treat combined with healthy treats and kids will be fine and not swing from the light fixtures. Usually, when a party of that nature is held at school, it is held at the end of the day and there is no home work to follow since the party was usually held to celebrate a holiday or it is held on a Friday when there usually is no homework assigned for the weekend. So, like everything else in life. MODERATION!

  6. Short weigh-in on this topic: Sugar-free Mom needs some therapy now or her kids are going to need alot in the future. Relax and stop trying to be so perfect.

  7. one cupcake is not gonna land your child in the hospital with meds. you have got to be kidding me. i have 3 healthy children and they still get to have sugar. i also dont buy junk food to keep in the house at all times. i buy it when i feel that they deserve it. what does your child get on their birhday, green beans and carrot cake. if you dont let them experience it now, then they will really do it when they are free from your home.


  9. WOW!! I didn’t realize that a blog entry written for fun, would create such controversy! At first I thought I would read the responses, chuckle, and go on; but I decided to add my 2cent’s worth. First; read the CNN link that Voice of Reason posted. The link between sugar and hyperactivity is a myth. Second; sugar is not artificial. It is a product of sugar cane or sugar beets. (I would avoid nutrisweet and splenda as they are the artificial products). Third; perhaps the hyperactivity problems you are experiencing with your child is just an old-fashioned discipline problem. It’s much easier to blame food than it is to blame the child (or parents) for bad behavior.

    Jennie, thanks for the entry; maybe next time you could come up with a more controversial topic like; paper vs. plastic, or the proper size for snowflakes.

  10. I will have to agree with bluenosedmule, let the kids be kids and not try to make them in to little adults. Sugar-free mom, did you never go out and play in the mud after a big rain storm when you were little? Kids need to be able to experience as much as possible while we are around to guide and protect them, they may have to eat some mud a couple of times before their brain kicks in and says “Yuck, that doesn’t taste good” but they will learn. Let them experience life, not just watch it on TV.

  11. I agree with Dan. If the kids were not so engrossed in TV and video games and actually played outside like we used to, they wouldn’t have to worry about the epidemic of childhood obesity. Though, I do agree we need to teach our kids healthy eating habits.

  12. I agree, if you want cake, if you desire cake, then you’ll just eat more carrots than a person should, then you’ll eat the cake anyway.

    I think Moderation is the lesson here.

    hi Jenny,
    we went up to Horne creek Farm, I saw your video on YouTube, very nice dancing!

    heres ours (no not, dancing)

  13. Jenny,
    I don’t know if you check these replies or not but since you don’t have an email address listed, I’m writing to you here.

    Since Nicole Ducouer is originally from Pittsburgh Pa, you should quiz her to see if she remembers Pittsburghese.

    Church key – A bottle opener. Usually carried by a still worker to open his ahrn city beer diring his break.

    Canipshun – To have a fit or get upset

    Burm – Side of the Road, Shoulder

    Babushka Scarf worn on head to keep aht the chill.

    Allegheny Whitefish – Condom floating down the river

    Bumbershoot – Umbrella

    Chipped Ham – Very thinly sliced chopped ham

    Dupa – Your back side

    Gob – Snack consisting of two large round soft chocolate cookies with white creme filling in between.

    Gumband – Rubber bands

    Jimmies – Sprinkles. The chocolate or multi-colored toppings on your ice cream cones or cookies

    Jumbo – Bologna

    Mundy, Tuesdy, Wensdy, Thursdy, Frydy, Sadurdy, Sundy – How a Pittsburgher pronounces the days of the week.

    Poke – Paper bag

    Pop – Soda

    Progie – A Picksburgher’s delight, goes great with a cold arn and kilbassa

    Tin foil – Aluminum foil

    Parking Chair – A chair placed in the street to reserve a parking space

    These are just a few. Let me know if she still remembers.

    Fred Becker

  14. This is going a little too far…an 8th grader in Connecticut was suspended for buying Skittles on school property.

    Can’t have those kids tasting the rainbow…


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