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These gifts suck! What’s your worst V-Day gift?????
February 14, 2008

Here we go…….

1.Flowers are nice but not from a gas station.

2.Membership to a gym. Why don’t you just tell her she’s getting fat and buy her a feedbag?

3. The 2nd season of The A Team. Not exactly a chic thing.

4. Lingerie from the Dollar Store. EWE!!!

5 Never buy her the same thing you bought your mother. That’s not romantic. IT IS JUST CREEPY….especially if you bought your mom underwear from the Dollar Store.

6.Tickets to the Ultimate Fighting Challenge.

7. Cool Whip and a live chicken

8. Ready Whip and a dead chicken is also a poor choice.

9. An autographed picture of the actor that played Boner on Growing pains.

10.??????? What’s the worst gift you ever got????? Fellas, you can share too……


Where do you get good service?
February 5, 2008

 I haven’t gotten good service anywhere lately. Every restaurant I have been to has kinda ummm sucked. There are very few that I can go to and I’m not worried about what’s gonna go wrong. Will my food come out right? Will my food ever come out?Is my drink ever gonna get refilled? Is that a hair? We actually ate somewhere where there was mold on top of the macaroni and the waitress asked me if I still wanted it….what!

There is a restaurant I love with some excellent waiters and some that couldn’t possibly have ever passed an IQ test. I have actually asked the host that we not be put in their sections.

Places that have been good to me lately are:  Saporro, La Fiesta, Chick-fil-a(all of them!!!) The people at Chick-fil-a are always so polite. Especially at the one on Wendover and the one near 68. I love going there!

Kenny loves Ryan’s Steak and Seafood, Nicole thinks Texas Roadhouse is super and Kim gets down with Village Tavern.  I haven’t tried any of those so I am looking forward to a few new spots.

 HELP ME!!! Post your favorite restaurants from all over the Triad so that the rest of us can enjoy a dinner where our food is ready before the next election!!!!