Where do you get good service?

 I haven’t gotten good service anywhere lately. Every restaurant I have been to has kinda ummm sucked. There are very few that I can go to and I’m not worried about what’s gonna go wrong. Will my food come out right? Will my food ever come out?Is my drink ever gonna get refilled? Is that a hair? We actually ate somewhere where there was mold on top of the macaroni and the waitress asked me if I still wanted it….what!

There is a restaurant I love with some excellent waiters and some that couldn’t possibly have ever passed an IQ test. I have actually asked the host that we not be put in their sections.

Places that have been good to me lately are:  Saporro, La Fiesta, Chick-fil-a(all of them!!!) The people at Chick-fil-a are always so polite. Especially at the one on Wendover and the one near 68. I love going there!

Kenny loves Ryan’s Steak and Seafood, Nicole thinks Texas Roadhouse is super and Kim gets down with Village Tavern.  I haven’t tried any of those so I am looking forward to a few new spots.

 HELP ME!!! Post your favorite restaurants from all over the Triad so that the rest of us can enjoy a dinner where our food is ready before the next election!!!!


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  1. Try Beef’s O’Brady’s…….a new family friendly sports pub.

  2. Macaroni Grill… My FAVORITE!!! Usually OK… occasionally understaffed.

    Red Lobster on Stratford is always great, but use call ahead seating.

    BoneFish Grille on Stratford…. Good service all around and VERY clean with extra fresh food.

  3. Try Mi Peublo–all of them are great in terms of service and quality of food, but the Stratford Road one is probably the best. The cheese dip is great and you never need worry about getting a quick tea refill.

  4. I definitely agree that it is very hard to find a place with great service. I think that sometimes waiters and waitresses are treated so poorly by some customers that when decent people like you and I come in and try to have a nice dining experience, they don’t care to give it to us because we might be “just like the rest of them”. I think customer service is declining anywhere you go now a days, which is REALLY SAD!!

    Some places that my husband and I find ourselves at often because of great atmosphere and good service are:

    Bravo Italian Cucina (Italian restaurant in the new Friendly Center, a little more expensive than Olive Garden but SO GOOD!)

    Phoenix Asian Cuisine (similiar to PF Changs except cheaper and better food) – Off of New Garden Road

    Hugos on Spring Garden

    Shanes Rib Shack- Costco Shopping Center on Wendover (this place is absolutely great, they are friendly ALL the time and the food is SO YUMMY).

  5. I’ve always found that if you are a regular, you get better treatment. Also eating at the counter (when available), you get better service.

    My favorites, KiHa at the Cardinal, J Butlers at New Garden, most all barbeque joints, Wholly Guacamole on Battleground.

  6. I understand your frustration. Between poor service and bad food it seems like it’s not even worth going out anymore. I agree that Village Tavern is a great place. Only once my order was wrong but they happily replaced it. A place I like to go for fresh food is Arigato Japanese Steakhouse. I have to go about every 2-3 weeks to calm my cravings. The food is prepared right in front of you on a grill. It can get busy there so I try to make reservations if I know ahead of time I am going. One more favorite of mine is Bonefish Grill. The food and service has always been great there.

  7. the chop hizzle in downtown w/s rules. Cant beat that place.

    or outback.
    or olive garden.

    applebees service is putrid.

    we recently waited in line for over an hour and when we went to check they said they “forgot to put our name down, and it will be about another 45 minutes”
    wow. That was fantastic.

  8. Try Milner’s on Stratford Road. Great food and people.

  9. OK…I’m not sure I should reveal my favorite… it probably will result in the place getting busier, but here it is:

    The absolute best place I’ve found in the Triad is Aquaria Seafood on Hwy 68 in High Point. The food is absolutely fantastic, the service impeccable, and the prices are quite decent for an upscale place like this.

    The fish is ALWAYS fresh (and I’m a fish snob – it’s got to taste like I just caught it myself), the choices of sauces are incredible, and the chef’s specials are always creative, unique, and out-of-this-world delicious.

    But there is one problem with Aquaria — I can’t seem to order fish anywhere else without saying: “That was pretty good, but not Aquaria good”.

  10. Well the best place is AMALFI’S in wilkesboro its really good and the staff is great. I eat there like 3 time a week lol!!!

  11. I really like Sakura on Stratford Rd. Great food, friendly people, and decent prices. Good kids food too!

  12. Try Plaza Restaurant in Kernersville. They have the absolute best family style cooking around, and I wouldn’t say that just to say it. We eat there two or three times a week for the past ten years and we have never had a bad meal. It is consistently good and the portions are large. Service has always been great. All waitstaff seem to be very pleasant.

    I can’t say enough about this place.

  13. If you are looking for excellent service, incredible food, and an upscale atmosphere that isn’t pretentious try Riverbirch Lodge in W-S. I highly recommend the brie and fruit platter. I have been very satisfied with every meal I’ve eaten with them.

  14. Hey Jenny, loved you in the Advance Parade!!! We love Cracker Barrel and Texas Roadhouse has the best bread, try Tucker’s Place in Advance if you are out this way again. Thanks for making us laugh in the mornings! Even my kids like watching the news before school to see what you will do next!

  15. In case you haven’t heard about this place, Texas Land and Cattle has great food. We usually eat there at least every other week or so and the food has always been great. There is one server that they have on staff that always really takes good care of us and we make sure that we always ask for him if he’s working. So give it a try and make sure you ask for Josh. Enjoy……

  16. Try backyard burgers !!!!!!!! They have the best burgers in clemmons…..

  17. Backyard Burgers is the best place in clemmons to eat. I love to eat there and my family loves their food. Give them a try !!!!!!!!!

  18. If you want a good steak, don’t bother with Texas Land & Cattle. Their steak is basically like the old Western Steers only served with a better atmosphere. Best steak is at TK Tripps in WS. BEST seafood is at Jimmy’s Seafood & Oyster Bar in WS. TIP – Restaurant.com has $25 gift certificates for Jimmy’s for only $10!!! Their seafood is wonderful…nothing like the Mayflower or Libby Hill.

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