These gifts suck! What’s your worst V-Day gift?????

Here we go…….

1.Flowers are nice but not from a gas station.

2.Membership to a gym. Why don’t you just tell her she’s getting fat and buy her a feedbag?

3. The 2nd season of The A Team. Not exactly a chic thing.

4. Lingerie from the Dollar Store. EWE!!!

5 Never buy her the same thing you bought your mother. That’s not romantic. IT IS JUST CREEPY….especially if you bought your mom underwear from the Dollar Store.

6.Tickets to the Ultimate Fighting Challenge.

7. Cool Whip and a live chicken

8. Ready Whip and a dead chicken is also a poor choice.

9. An autographed picture of the actor that played Boner on Growing pains.

10.??????? What’s the worst gift you ever got????? Fellas, you can share too……


5 Responses

  1. Hi jennie the worst gift i got was a hot wheels car when i was 15 years old. But i think it was a sign dream on for a car! hahahhahahahaha!

  2. A re-gifted Dirt Devil…Thanks Jennie!

  3. Not exactly flowers from a gas station, but I did get a flowering cactus from Harris Teeter once! My husband meant well and couldn’t understand what my problem was. As for the “dessert topping & poultry” combo from your list — isn’t that the traditional gift for the 6th wedding anniversary? If it isn’t, I really blew it a decade ago…

  4. You may want to do a blog on this…

    I was listening to the radio yesterday and the DJ was asking his audience to call in and tell him what the number one thing a good marriage needs to be successful. I briefly thought about calling in with my answer of “communication”. Two of the first three callers had the same answer. We were wrong. The number one answer is trust. I gave this some thought and I whole-hearted agree. “If you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything,” the caller with the correct answer said. He also said he had complete trust in his wife.

    You know… trust is very important. If you have bad communication with your spouse and want to fix it, that can be worked on. If you break your trust, by lying or cheating, it is much harder for your marriage to recover. I told my husband that if he felt the need to be with someone else, please be honest with me beforehand. Why cheat? This can really hurt a marriage. Even if you may think the “physical” stuff isn’t really that important, the fact that you broke your spouses trust in you, can be detrimental. Don’t break your spouses trust unless you really don’t care where your marriage is headed. If you do care, get some help.

  5. A small beige lizard. And a gold fish bowl for it to die in.

    Also, a 3-hole punch.

    Finally, tickets to a play starring his ex-girlfriend.

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