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American Airlines made me mad! Let’s hear about your weekend!
April 14, 2008

 This weekend sucked. American cancelled 3000 flights and ruined 330,000 passengers weekend. I was one of those passengers. I can handle a delayed flight or even a cancelled flight. It happens. I didn’t just have a delayed flight or a cancelled flight. I had 2 cancelled and 4 delayed. Which caused me to miss 2 more flights. Resulting in a trip that should have taken me no more than 6 hours taking me 29. I spent 1/3 of my vacation  in an airport.

I just deleted five paragraphs of my terrible experience this weekend. It wasn’t gonna be fun to read.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo…………who had a good weekend? Let’s hear it!!!!


anybody have a decoder ring? cawni neiwl l
April 8, 2008

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Yes I know women cheat too
April 4, 2008

Before I get angry repsonses saying that women cheat too. I KNOW.

I was only writing about men that end up with these single girlfriends because there seem to be universal clues.

Feel free to post the clues that you have for women cheatin…….I don’t know them. None of my friends have fessed up to that yet. 🙂

Common signs your husband has a piece of crap girlfriend
April 4, 2008

I know 5 different woman that just went through this. The stories are almost identical. 

 The men all seem to adopt the same behaviors. I always thought signs would be coming home late and going out with his friends a lot or lipstick on the collar. You know stuff like that. Well, all of the clues that I have been hearing from these ladies  start out a little more subtle.

The husbands all seem a little removed. They say they are tired from work.

Then they start spending a lot of time around the house doing anything they can to avoid spending time with their wife. Going to bed earlier than she does or later.

Start complaining about the way she does things. Tells her she needs to have a life of her own. Stop nagging him. Yada yada yada.

Tells her he is depressed. Then she starts doing everything she can to make him feel better which in turn makes her feel worse about herself because she can’t make him happy. No matter what she tries.

The fighting really kicks in to high gear when she gets sick of taking care of his crap.He tells her that there were always problems in the marriage he just didn’t want to hurt her feelings. He doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life living like this. She needs to change.

Then he doesn’t wanna do “It” anymore. THERE IT IS LADIES!!!! That’s the last clue. You should know by then.

HEY FELLAS! Something for you to think about before you cheat. No woman is more important to you than your children. AND ask yourself why the home wrecker isn’t married. What do you think you don’t know about her? There must be a reason no one wanted to marry her. She isn’t what she seems.

HEY HO BAG GIRLFRIENDS! Get your own men. I could go on from there but…..I would use bad words.

OK, I’m done.