Yes I know women cheat too

Before I get angry repsonses saying that women cheat too. I KNOW.

I was only writing about men that end up with these single girlfriends because there seem to be universal clues.

Feel free to post the clues that you have for women cheatin…….I don’t know them. None of my friends have fessed up to that yet. 🙂


6 Responses

  1. If you come home and find a pair of size 16 shoes beside your bed, and all your wife talks about is basketball, then she is probably cheating on you.

  2. well i think i messed up my last reply…Like you say ..It is still early.. But any way..You and those women who have been cheated on ..You all have got to go in and see what i posted in my blog…It is the truth…NOUTHING BUT THE TRUTH..And there is a few more signs there to…look me up at….im_bossy6996….om myspace…Tell those who have been a victum of this BULL $#@& …to look and see…

  3. When he starts “hiding” his cell phone and wallet after years of placing it on the table with all the other junk … you know something’s up. Oh, yeah, and even though you’ve never asked or indicated that you’ve noticed that these things are suddenly hidden – he accuses you of being nosy and disrespectful of his personal things. I never cared before,,, but I do now! Thanks, guy, for bringing it to my attention. Gives me someting to occupy my brain while I’m folding your clothes.

  4. Jenny,

    For the question of how can you tell when a woman is cheating, this comes just from experiencd of being with a girl for three years and engaged then it being over after i was crazy enough to stay with her even after catching her twice already. First off, when the other guy calls her phone and you hear the conversation and she swears it wasnt what you said it was, she walks off to talk on th phone with a guy who you know she had a thing for at some point prior, and when she gets extremely clingy and wants to know your every move, thats a great indicator she is up to something when she wants to know exactly when you are going to be there when she wasn’t that way before, she starts accusing you of doing stuff while you are working ( even though you are in a career where you don’t have time to go to the bathroom alot of days!) and the list goes on, feel free to email me for more if you want lol I want put some of the stuff on here as i hate to talk bad about anyone life happens. my email for anyone who wants the rest of the list is

  5. With all this talk about having women on the side.

    I remember not too long ago, a good looking woman came up to me and told me that she was going to give me super sex.

    I told her, I think I’ll take the soup.

  6. Clues that told me my wife was cheating on me? Let me count the ways: staying out until 2am repeatedly, sending text messages saying she couldn’t come home because she was sleeping on her best friend’s couch after a ladies’ night out, staying to work late in the lab repeatedly, hanging out at a single guys house (even though they were just friends and I needed to get over that), reading the text messages on her iPhone that indicated something had happened, not inviting me to go out for a drink with her new friends, etc…
    The past year has given me an education in marriage laws in NC and now I only have to wait 3 more months before I can officially file the divorce paperwork. She burned down her entire life her in W-S. I wish her the best with starting over back in the midwest.

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