I just don’t see it!!!!

Religious icons have better things to do than hang out in your cabinet or appear in a leg wound!

Every week we report some story of somebody from Mississippi that found a likeness of Jesus in goose poop or the Virgin Mary in a raisin box. Sometimes we see what they see, sometimes we don’t. One thing I know is that there is no way a religious figure would waste time posing for their face to show up in a piece of fried chicken or a notch in a Douglas Fir.  Now, I did see Oprah in a pumpkin. It was hard to see because it was the “skinny” Oprah and we haven’t seen her in so long. But I’m pretty sure it was her.

O.K. I’m done.



3 Responses

  1. OMG… ! I totally agree with this !! I heard the story of the guy who thinks his knee scab looks like the Virgin Mary and now he’s waiting on word to see if they want to investigate the possibility that the Virgin Mary blessed us with her presence in the form of a bloody knee !! I love these stories of Jesus in a PBJ sandwich but people actually believe them ! I’m waiting for the guy’s scab to be sold on eBay. Maybe the collector with the PBJ can add it to his stash.

  2. hey Jennie!
    I miss you!
    this is tracie from mount airy!
    we’re coming to da club reeal soon!
    I haven’t been in forever 😦
    anyways you’re awesome and you’re still my favorite traffic reporter!
    and plus Cameron kent came to my school the other day and I got to rap the traffic for him!

  3. So, what you’re saying is you dont want to hear about my Stamey’s BBQ in the shape of the Star of David. Sean said “just shut up and eat” But no I think it was a sign from Moses. Not the Olympic Runner but the real Moses.You know the “hearYee HearYee In Jesus Name I command thy Red Sea to Parteth” Moses. Yess THAT one old Guy kinda reminds ya of Charlton heston. Well thats my story

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