Who knows some other words for …….

This morning we ran a story about a website. The website hooks up  women who want breast implants with men who want to pay for them. WEIRD! Anyway, I wasn’t sure which words were OK to say on the air. Tell me what ya think of this list and add some if ya want.

1. jugs

2. chesticles

3. dollies

4. baby juice makers

5. honkers

6. pacifier for men

7. hooters

8. floatation devices

9. nips

10. sacks o’ fat…… yup that’s all I got. 

 OK, I’m done.


10 Responses

  1. tig ol’ bitties, boobs, jugs, melons, cans, hooters, dirty pillows, gazongas, yabbos, , knockers, mammaries, fun bags, honkers, headlights, baps, meat puppets, ta-tas, naturals, boobies, guns, bahama mammas, balloons, bawagos, big brown eyes, blinkers, bobambas, bodacious tatas, bombs, bosom, bosooms, boulders, , bust, busts, Cadillac bumper bullets, casabas, chest, chuberteens, cones, gedoinkers, doorknobs, floppers, , gazangas, golden bazoos, golden winnebagoes, mounds, mountains, marshmallows, Maguffies, grenadoes, hogans, honkers, jalobes, bazongoes, bazookas, bazooms, bazoos, ninnies, nupies, pair, nice pair , beamers, starter buttons, tads, handles, tatas, bee stings, jiggers, jobes, rolling hills, cup cakes, cushions, dairy section, highbeams, hinyackas, knobs, love apples, love monkeys, luscious scoops of flesh (Which is my favorite), twins, love warts, watermelons, wazoos, whoppers, Winnebago’s, yabos, mambas, mammas, mamms, massive mammaries, mazabas, mellons, milk factories, Mcguffies, mosquito bites,perkies, pillows, pimples, pink chewies, rack, set, smosabs, stacked, torpedoes, towel racks.
    Thats it I’m out

  2. fun bags

  3. Am I the only one reading this and laughing so hard that I can’t hardley read it? This is just too funny! Jenny you are just too crazy! I love watching you guys in the morning.

  4. Milk cans, Front porch, Flotation device, Twin peaks, Party cups, Second base.

  5. I guess it’s no surprise that only men responded (so far).

  6. Sweater meat!

    Dual air bags!

    Socks full of rocks (a friend of mine describes hers that way…eeeeewww!)

    And my favorite from my pager-carrying days: 80085!

  7. milk factories

  8. LOL @ chesticles. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  9. From the ladies (and my husband) lunchbox

  10. ninnypies

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