I Quit……………….

I walked off of the set and drove home yesterday. Some of you may have noticed.  Upon reflection that was a poor choice. My contract is pretty clear cut SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ummmmmm I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should have just comeback with a witty retort but I didn’t have one. So, I am asking for help from all of you. Can you guys come up with some quips I can use the next time I find myself speechless in those situations?????

Alright awesome! Keep in mind that I actually do love Austin, Kim and Nicole very much. So these shouldn’t be mean. I just need some thing clever to bail myself out when I am gettin teased.

You know….kinda like saying YOUR MAMA! But better.

Come up with some good ones. I might read the list off on the air!

Ok, I”m done….but not gone!


32 Responses

  1. What you need are some stage props where it appears that smoke is comming from your ears when this happens again, and say you konw what happens when yall ( you know how we southerners talk) pick on me while on the air.

  2. So what, you had some spiffy story to tell your friends and viewers… and you get locked down/shut off/pushed aside?
    It’s not like the rest of Winston Salem or surrounding areas have such excitement going on with them, unless they really think it’s cool to marry their sister or giving news on their 14th missing tooth…
    it’s your life, your enjoyment, your thrills- they hired you in the first place ~ they have to know that YOU can let let anyone know what YOU want them to hear-
    It’s how we all enjoy our lives-
    if anyone is sad because they can’t have that greatness;
    “Kick ‘Em In The Shin”!!!

    Jennie, Stay Strong

  3. She says – I think they wanted your mic off…

    You say…

    Oh…I’m so sorry, can I ignore you another time…I’m kinda busy now.

    If you were a sandwich at McDonald’s you’d be a McCrossestheline.

    Oh yeah…whatever, I’ve seen sailor’s arms with better anchors than you.

  4. Hi Jenny!!
    I was glad to see you back =) you keep the mornings refreshing and I would hate to see you go…you all fit together so well! It was a little hasty to just walk off the set, especially since I didn’t think what was said was that bad, but what hurts ones feelings may not always be the same as what hurts anothers. Either way, I got a few comebacks that you could try…I know that sometimes you have a little bit of a hard time remembering things, like your name =), but don’t worry you can save this list and learn one at a time…when you use one learn the next one =) Hope these help!

    ~I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce.
    ~We’re all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.
    ~I’ll try being nicer if you’ll try being smarter
    ~I know you are, but what am I? (Thanks Peewee Herman)
    ~You kill me, O.J.
    ~I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you.
    ~Well, you probably said it without thinking, the way you do most things.
    ~I’m not offended by what you say. I’m just glad that you’re stringing words into sentences now.
    ~A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but I don’t suppose that’s a problem for you.

    Stephanie Stanley
    Martinsville, Va

  5. Don’t go, We love you.

  6. completely deadpan:

    “Not now.”

  7. Aw, Jenny, they’re pickin on you! Don’t let ’em treat you like my baby treats his diaper! You know how in school, when one kid picks on another, they say “just ignore it?” Yeah, that’s a load of crap, you gotta have a comeback, and one that stings! If you just ride off on your huffy bike, they’ll keep doing it! Doesn’t matter what you say, whether it’s true or not! I would suggest….
    “Kimberly! You farted AGAIN! Sheesh!”
    “Nicole, you have a boog, sweetie!”
    “Austin, uh, your fly is undone and as usual, I see you have gone commando!”
    We as viewers don’t have “smellavision”, can’t see under the desk or anyone’s face close enough to tell if they do, indeed, have a boog. So yes, just embarrass them with blatant, unadulterated lies. Hehe!

  8. tell the viewing public that who ever insulted you just farted then can call door knob on them and begin hitting them, use the chaos to try and squeeze a fart out of your own so that everyone else reacts to the smell thus adding believability to your story. If you want to go the extra mile shimmy out a poop so that it smells really bad and if you don’t want to do it yourself just dare a friend of yours to come on the air and do it.

  9. or say I’m not upset about what you just said I’m angry about what you said about (insert a minority here) earlier and I’m just hoping this string of insensitivity doesn’t continue. or sit in their lap and poop, pooping is really hilarious then say your mom.

  10. How about:

  11. How about:

    “Gee, I can dish it out but I can’t take it — so here, HAVE SOME PIE. ”
    (this requires you to have a bannana creme pie on standby for throwing in the face of _______________ (fill in the blank)

    or next time the mic thing happens,
    pull out your trusty cheerleading megaphone, put it in the face of the offender, and say


  12. “Look, I’m the quirky cute smartass (comediene)in this bunch. Do you REALLY want to get me started on you?
    I’m gonna give you a break … today.

  13. You could continue by saying ” As I was saying ….” (Long Pause) “Nope, Too late, the moment has passed”

  14. hello girl……..

    well some in your face remarks on the local CB ch. 14, from our locals and West Virginia immigrants are:……..

    I know you’re right
    I heard that
    How ’bout that
    You been that way long
    What he say
    You done what
    Your whole family
    shutup stupid
    ……..i’ll think of some more
    enjoy jennie

  15. if you cant think of anything to say but you didn’t like what they said …just hold up your hand like you are going to flip them off but use your pinky and when ask “whats that” say “it is a feather because you dont deserve the bird”

  16. The next time something like this happens just smile really big and say “I love you too” or say “talk to the hand” “get real” “duh” ” Oh bite me””get real” “get a real life” “oh get over yourself””oh stick a sock in it” but say them all smiling really big and looking the person in the eye.

  17. Jennie,
    YOU CAN”T LEAVE!!! i mean the only other cute blonde there is Elizabeth and she is not there that early in the morning and she is so quiet she couldn’t fill the spot you have there! ( by the way is she single?) The comic relief is great when you are on air! For starters a few good comebacks you can use,

    One of my great and most favorite ones , ” i don’t descriminate, i ama equal oppertunity butthole” , “give me time, i will figure out how to ignore you”, “what did you call yourself?” Who did you say you where today? i forgot about your multiple personality disporder til just now!” , ” they actually pay you to do that job?” Or for Austin, “How do you manage to get paid to go have fun all the time huntin’ and fishin’ and playing with big boy toys? Some of us have to work for our paychecks” then there are the circus references, ” you smell like a monkey ?” (say this one with a wierd look on your face), ” hey the circus said they had a monkey escape and if i saw you to send you back” i will think of more later some of these are kinda lame!

  18. Great job Jennie, start my day.
    Ask her if a couple get divorced where she is from are they still brother and sister?
    I’m here for a good time not a long time.

  19. “You know, I thought I left high school a long time ago.”

    “My former “best friend” once said that.”

    People wonder why the divorce rate is so high-it’s statements like that.

    I hear Jay Leno needs some new material, you what his number?

    I once saw a bumper sticker with that on it-it cost my deductable to get rid of it!

    And last-If I hear that one more time-I’m going to scream, microphone or not!

  20. I always use the saying “You’re just jealous”. It always works for me 🙂
    PS…I love you guys! Wouldn’t have it any other way!

  21. I just seen the whole thing online with the come back. I was having a bad day but this made me laugh so hard, it wiped my miseery away. I think is was adorable and that all will be ok. We all get stumped at some time or another! You all made it work!

  22. I was out of town when this occurred, but I am so grateful to the internet. It was comical. When I get annoyed I just knod my head along with them and say really funny bobble-head. It matches your clown feet. If anything thing else, it makes me laugh.
    PS. I enjoy your approachable, genuine nerdiness. That’s a compliment.

  23. Hey Jennie- When I get pick-on (which is quite often) if I find myself loosing it… I just step into my blonde hair and act like I completely dont’ understand the joke they are trying to make – I ask them to explain it again cause I dont[ really know what their talking about. Keep this up at least three times, and you will see a smart ass loose their cool quickly.

  24. What? You couldn’t have done that while I was there???

  25. Here’s a few lines to keep the heklers in their place. Take it as a complement that they are trying to make you feel at home by going out of their element and going into yours.
    Great Job Jennie.

    How long have you been saving that line?
    Score one for you – now it’s not a shutout.
    I bet you’ve heard that a lot, haven’t you?
    You are such a help (sarcastically).
    Do you kiss your husband (or kids) with that mouth?
    You make your mamma soooo proud.
    A network audition moment – call Nickelodeon.
    You should save your best stuff for open mike night.
    Look who brought the cap gun to the battle of wits.

  26. “So’s your face.”

    It works with everything.

  27. It seemed like a joke. I don’t know why you blew it out of proportion. It did seem snide of them, and sophomoric. I think you took it out of context. But at the same time they shouldn’t take personal jabs at people. I think one reason they see you as a target is that you spend so much time on air with trivial things, whereas none of the other anchors spend that much time with trivial things except what they’re handed or what they read from the teleprompter. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings. I think you stir things up and don’t fit the norm of what they are use to, so they see you as different. Hey, it was like that for me in middle and high school. Most of the time when people would say stuff to me like that I didn’t know how to handle it either. You shouldn’t have left. You should have stayed, and should have said, simply, in the most serious, honest voice you could, not angrily, but just simply said:
    “alright, I don’t appreciate that”
    It doesn’t require hatefulness, sarcasm or anything, it doesn’t require quick wit or long drabbed out retort. All it requires for you to voice out that something hurts is to say so. Then if the bullying continued, then I’d have left. That would have been the moment to leave.

    Anyway thats my two cents. Not that it matters.

  28. I’m still trying to figure out what it is you really do there. It’s obviously not traffic reporting so I’m guessing the station is trying to do a comedy segment. For actual traffic reports I have to tune to FMY, GHP, or SJS if I’m in my car.

  29. Both your departure and return were hilarious. YouTube is the best. Being from California, I would not have seen it otherwise.

    I don’t know what is near your station, but there was this great incident that happened about 15 years ago during the morning show at KTLA in Los Angeles. The weatherman was getting teased by the anchors about food (apparently a few days earlier he did a remote from Griffith Park and was filmed eating between segments or something). After about 30 minutes, he said “I’ve had it” (jokingly) and stormed out. He and a camerman then did the rest of his segments from the Denny’s across the street from the station. He interviewed other diners and the staff. He also sent food back to the anchors and I think they also showed him eating breakfast as well.

    This would allow you to get away from Nicole and Kim while still showing up for work.

  30. Tough for them that they can’t be you… I tuned in to the morning news on WXII just scanning channels, and was impressed by the chemistry of your morning team. I like in particular the way you occasionally tell it like we feel it sometimes, about the job. I think many of us really love our jobs, but it sure feels good to make a smart comment from time to time. I make my comments by cartoon, you make yours by humor. Love it.

  31. Dont even sweat it Jennie, you are super-duper hot, maybe they are just jealous!

  32. Just say” how nice” ….If you like to hear the rest of the joke ,let me know!

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