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They let their 16 year old marry him and now they complain?
June 12, 2008

Really! Let’s be serious for a second here. The parents in Brunswick County that let their 16 year old marry her 40 year old cross-country coach are trying to sue the school system because the schools didn’t do enough to prevent it and various other reasons. Hey Mom and Dad listen up! Once you gave permission for her to marry that guy you lost your concerned parent lawsuit.

The parents claim they tried everything to keep the two apart. They say that in end they had no other choice than to give permission for the two to marry. Excuse me! What!!!!! I think there were prolly a couple other options.

First of all teenagers fall in and out of love all the time. Sometimes with people they have said 4 words to. This doesn’t mean you should help her pick out a dress and china pattern. So, I guess my point here is that even if you decided to give your daughter permission to date this guy( which by the way is gross and wrong!) you didn’t have to let her walk down the aisle. DUH!

Here are my ideas for ways you could have kept them apart. I realize they are completely crazy but give them a look see. (I hope you read sarcasm there)

1. Act like parents.

2. A restraining order.

3. You could have moved.

4. You could have sent her to boarding school.

5. You could have told her she couldn’t see him. (Crazy , I know.)

6. When you started to suspect there was something going on you should have started to snoop. If you really believed something was going on you could have hired a private investigator. If the investigator had found any evidence ofthis guy being a pervo then the police could have helped protect her.

5. Could’a encouraged her to find a guy born in the same decade. The big one here is…. DA DA DA DUN!!!! Don’t give your daughter permission to get married because she is a child!

OK, I’m done.