They let their 16 year old marry him and now they complain?

Really! Let’s be serious for a second here. The parents in Brunswick County that let their 16 year old marry her 40 year old cross-country coach are trying to sue the school system because the schools didn’t do enough to prevent it and various other reasons. Hey Mom and Dad listen up! Once you gave permission for her to marry that guy you lost your concerned parent lawsuit.

The parents claim they tried everything to keep the two apart. They say that in end they had no other choice than to give permission for the two to marry. Excuse me! What!!!!! I think there were prolly a couple other options.

First of all teenagers fall in and out of love all the time. Sometimes with people they have said 4 words to. This doesn’t mean you should help her pick out a dress and china pattern. So, I guess my point here is that even if you decided to give your daughter permission to date this guy( which by the way is gross and wrong!) you didn’t have to let her walk down the aisle. DUH!

Here are my ideas for ways you could have kept them apart. I realize they are completely crazy but give them a look see. (I hope you read sarcasm there)

1. Act like parents.

2. A restraining order.

3. You could have moved.

4. You could have sent her to boarding school.

5. You could have told her she couldn’t see him. (Crazy , I know.)

6. When you started to suspect there was something going on you should have started to snoop. If you really believed something was going on you could have hired a private investigator. If the investigator had found any evidence ofthis guy being a pervo then the police could have helped protect her.

5. Could’a encouraged her to find a guy born in the same decade. The big one here is…. DA DA DA DUN!!!! Don’t give your daughter permission to get married because she is a child!

OK, I’m done.




7 Responses

  1. Yep, just some greedy parents trying to cash in by suing our already poor school system. Sorry, but the relationship could have been prevented if the parents had grown a set and refused to allow it. Makes you wonder who was in charge in that household. And yeah, it’s gross. Disgusting, even. And how embarrassing for their potential children, who will always be questioned about whether that guy is their Dad or their Grandpa. Of course, the girl’s not thinking about that-BECAUSE SHE IS 16! That’s why her parents should have been doing the thinking for her. She probably would have been mad at them for a while, but like any kid, she would have gotten over it, perhaps even thanked them one day for not letting her make a huge mistake. I’d be willing to bet my left boob that they will end up divorced, once she realizes old dude can’t possibly keep up with her.

  2. You go Jennie. Why did they not notify the school so the teacher could have been reprimanded. Sex offenders are not allowed within so many feet of a school but look how many teachers have been arreseted for having sex with their students etc. It is time that parents start acting like parents instead of trying to act like best friends of their children. We sometimes have to make harsh decisions in our children’s eyes but as the writer above stated someday they will probably thank us for making it.

  3. The options you mentioned were out of line and crazy. Why would they do such a thing???! If they had done ANY of these parental options, how would they sue????? The judge (if he/she is in their right mind) will send them out of the courtroom with accessory charges (is that even possible?) Anyway This makes me mad for two reasons First, that poor girl one day is going to hate the day she got caught up with this perv. Her parents could have stopped this, as you have suggested. If they really cared at all for their daughter, they would have helped her by putting a stop to this. Second they are manipulating the court system. I am so sick of these kind of law suits.
    Bottom line….
    Some people would do anything for a buck. Even let their daughter marry a child molester. Sick!

  4. No one could say it better! Parents need to step up and be parents, be responsible, you are in charge not the child. THE END

  5. I love some of things you said! LOL I have a blog on Stupid People! You should go check it out and leave some witty comment. I think I will post the blog you wrote about the “Stupid Parents” who let their daughter marry then bitched about it! LOL anyway! Good luck and hope see some of your wit on my stupid blog! Its at the top! under…Come and join a community of stupid people!

  6. The older humans in that house are not adults or parents. Either title indicates responsibility for the actions of self or offspring, respectively. I am surprised the parents have not been prosecuted, if they were known to have been aware of sexual content between the adult male and their under age child.

    As a society we bemoan the coach’s predatory behavior, but as individuals we tend to facilitate it. Daddy and uncles should have intervened early. I do not condone vigilantism, but a healthy fear does correct bad potential behavior.

    Remember police do not prevent crime, we do. Their job is to apprehend and investigate after the crime is committed.

  7. Back to the cant be best friends with your children.. AMEN to that,, I am a mother of 2 and a step mother of 2, (raised by me from age 3 and 4 to current 18 and 19), ALL Girls !!! I always had issues in my home because the “real mom” treated her kids like friends and I treated all 4 like my children. They hated my rules, hated my consequences, etc. but in the long run I win.. She got a friend for a minute.. by letting them do EVERYTHING I didnt allow. I got 4 great responsible kids with morals and ethics. I didnt need anyother friend.. I needed to know my kids were safe, healthy, and had good values to use later in life.

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