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Let your kids play!
September 23, 2008

Why would kids need to go to college early?

Why would you want them to stay up every night until 4 so they can finish their homework for their 5 AP classes when they could have gone to prom?

Why would you want them to cry because they got a B minus on a test instead of going to the movies with a bunch of friends and hoping that the cute guy shows up? 

Why would you have a kid and then try to raise an adult?

A lot of kids are ahead of their grade level and so a little challenge is good for them but when they aren’t even in any classes with kids their age you are screwing up! Let your kid have some fun!

And I don’t mean buy them a video game system and them give them only  educational games.

Being an adult really isn’t all that great . Let them get there when everyone else does.


OK, I’m done