Let your kids play!

Why would kids need to go to college early?

Why would you want them to stay up every night until 4 so they can finish their homework for their 5 AP classes when they could have gone to prom?

Why would you want them to cry because they got a B minus on a test instead of going to the movies with a bunch of friends and hoping that the cute guy shows up? 

Why would you have a kid and then try to raise an adult?

A lot of kids are ahead of their grade level and so a little challenge is good for them but when they aren’t even in any classes with kids their age you are screwing up! Let your kid have some fun!

And I don’t mean buy them a video game system and them give them only  educational games.

Being an adult really isn’t all that great . Let them get there when everyone else does.


OK, I’m done


4 Responses

  1. I have a 14 year old that goes to early college he realy enjoys it when he grows up maby he will know more than do you want fries with that or the roads are clear (ha ha).He has time to do other thangs then work on home .We are very busy but he has time to play and have fun. Have a great day.

  2. Now I am no expert on the subject but in my opinion not letting your child enjoy his/her earlier years is just wrong. People who raise their children as adults rather than children who are becoming adults are severely handicapping the child. It’s the work of kids to play. When young children get caught up in today’s stress-filled, study-saturated environment, they lose their love of learning, that love of learning is what will help them be strong in academics throughout their lives.
    Provide art opportunities. Let kids initiate their own drawings. Play with musical instruments (Art and Music) what is our society without culture? Encourage make-believe play. It’s a way for them to try on roles and work through what’s going on in their lives. Child directed imaginative play fosters and builds creativity. Creativity will serve your children their whole lives. Creativity allows us to see new solutions to problems, see the “light at the end of the tunnel”, or “think outside the box”, envision new inventions and the list goes on. We give our children the ability to create their own lives when we allow them as children to create their own play. Let them play with other kids. They feel safe trying out language with their friends. My son is an only child he doesn’t talk much at home, but at school he is a chatterbox! Give children simple materials such as crayons, paper, logs and clay to play with. Again fosters the imagination of the child. My son is only 2 years old you might not think that I know much about raising a teen. I am the 7th of 8 children and my brothers and sisters have been raising their children since I was 6. I have eleven niece and nephews (combined). I have seen what works and what doesn’t and I can also say what worked for one child doesn’t always work for another.
    In my line of work I have many friends that were push into college too soon or just not given the opportunity for extracurricular activities and social skills suffered. Too much stress was put on study and those people, while being very intelligent have a very hard time relating to others. Not quite what I would call “manager material” while being able to work on their own they have problems working in groups. End the end we all want to do what is best for our children but we must remember that ultimately they are children not adults.

  3. I totallly agree with you. The biggest (well they are sooooo many) mistakes of the Bush administration is the No Child Left behind. What a complete waste of paper that it is written on. And yes our children need to be just that children. Its a bitch out here in the real world. Lets not rush them through so that they can suffer needlessly.

  4. “Why would you have a kid and then try to raise an adult?”

    Thanks, Jennie…I’m putting that quote on my refrigerator for the times (and sometimes it’s too often) I forget!

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