First Ladies Opinions?

Now, why do they interview first ladies about their political knowledge? I don’t know if it just me, but I don’t really care what they say.

Not just first ladies but presidential candidates wives being interviewed. For real? Don’t care!

Being married to someone doesn’t really make you an expert in their line of work.  No one asks me what I think about the proposals my husband  is working on and how they impact the companies partners.

Now before you start writing angry emails saying how Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan have done all sorts of great things STOP!

I didn’t say that they haven’t. Most first ladies have not just planned meals but watched them be made by the team of chefs. They have overseen the watering of the rose garden. They have taken 1000’s of people on tour around the White House.

Those are very important jobs. 🙂

All kidding aside, the first ladies really do have impact on whatever cause they take up. They have raised money and awareness for lots of worldwide problems. Which they should be thanked and recognized for. THAT DOESN’T GIVE THEM A DEGREE IN ECONOMICS OR POLITICS!

A wedding ring doesn’t actually make you an expert on foreign affairs or healthcare reform. You aren’t suddenly qualified to throw out the first pitch at Yankees Stadium because you say “I do!” 

Ladies get your own gig! Let him do his and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! No more talking about the unemployment rate. 

OK, I’m done.


5 Responses

  1. I’ll give you a big Amen on that!!!

  2. Ok, I’ll go with that however, what if the first lady had turned out to be “Bill”? Then, I guess the first lady might be a little more qualified to give the Press some input on the economy and affairs of state. And remember, it’s not like the first lady has a lot of cooking and cleaning to do, ironing to catch up on or soap operas to watch. She has an opportunity to voice her oppinion about things other than picking up her husband’s underwear and socks he leaves laying on the floor. “Honey”, “The Ambassador is here” “you might want to put on your pants and fresh shirt”. “And for Pete’s sake spray some air freshener and crack a window, GEEEEEEZ!!”

  3. i agree that a first lady should not be a deciding factor in her husband’s presidential opinion or choice….however, in the world’s current political climate, i would more than fully endorse a candidate who’s mate was the closest thing to his heart…..without it, steering the country with a half-blinded sailor is probably destined at it’s worst…..failure…and at it’s best….a mediocre version of his (or hers) larger and spiritual self….this country is and is in need of major evolution…..


    leigh seipp

  4. Thank You Jenny!!! Its about time someone said it. I get tired of first wives thinking they are politicians and other people think the same thing. I do agree they do a lot of great things.

  5. Yes, Dear.

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