Where can you take your kids to eat….and still pay your morgage?

I recently took the kids out to a steakhouse where their meals used to cost $6.99.
The price jumped $2 and it wasn’t listed on the menu. I was kinda irritated.
Anyway you guys know it can be expensive for the whole family to go out.
So, where do you go?
Here’s my short list of reasonable nights out with the kids.
1. Chic Fil A…Tuesday is kids night. Kids eat for 99 cents if you buy a combo meal for yourself. They also have fun projects for the kids to do.
2. Tex and Shirleys has pancake day. I can’t remember which day but the deal is a few dollars for all you can eat pancakes. Their regular kids meal prices are pretty good too.
3.La Fiesta $2.99 for kids lunch on Mon and Tues.
Hmmmmmm….That’s all I can think of…Help me out here guys.


5 Responses

  1. Whatever happpened to eating at home at the dinner table as a family? I should not mention this, as I use to be a fastfood manager, but sooooo many people would rather go out to eat now a days. Eating out is not good for the health, which kids don’t want to hear, but true. I dropped into that catagory while raising my kids and now suffer lots of health problems at young age of 60. I too did not want to hear the cons from the older generation. WAY too easy to eat out, save doing dishes, cooking, etc. Jennie, keep up the good work, I ENJOY watching you in the mornings.

  2. lone star- up to 2 kids eat free with a paying adult on tuesdays and saturdays

  3. I was going to write and comment on how studid you are and what an embarrassment you are to WS but when I started reading your blogs I realized that I don’t even need to bother with someone who can’t even spell the word mortgage. But you shouldn’t feel so bad because, from the looks of the huge rock on your finger, someone was dumb enough to marry you. Now you can quit your job, for real, and leave us all in peace.

    • spelling errors hardly denote intelligence..right? after all you did spell stupid wrong…hmmm thanks for the email

  4. Hams has kids night on Mondays, kids eat for 99 cents with a paying adult.
    Or you could save on your meal rather than the kids and go on Tuesdays for the Charlie’s Cheeseburger, a whole meal for 4 bucks.

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