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PETA commercial is nasty!
January 28, 2009


Now, as most of you know I am not a prude. BUT THAT PETA COMMERCIAL IS FILTHY!

When I heard NBC wasn’t airing it I assumed that they were being paranoid because  of Justin pulling Janet’s shirt open @ the Superbowl  in front of millions. That is not the case. The women in the commercial are having foreplay with pumpkins, broccoli and kale. Where that one girl sticks the asparagus is crazy!!!! The poor Veggie Tales are turning over in their crisper!

Now, I am not trying to tell people how to live their lives. I mean what they do in the privacy of their own kitchen is their business. But I don’t want to watch it. And for those of you that do wanna see it. Go get a circular from Food Lion and a Victoria’s Secret catalogue and make a collage!

Opinions anyone?


What age should your kids be for you to give them the alarm code?
January 15, 2009

What’cha think everybody?

Fixin to be a catfight!
January 9, 2009

This year of American Idol is gonna be hilarious! Paula already seems to hate the new girl and after reading an interview I’m not a big fan either.

She didn’t interview well at all and she acted as though she had been on the show since the beginning. I hate that! She is really gonna have to be awesome for America to like her. I think we will all be able to tell if she is gonna make it more than a season after one episode.

It’s gonna be her or Paula….right guys?

Leave the Travoltas ALONE!!!!!!
January 8, 2009

Good grief!

Not 5 hours after Jett Travolta’s death was announced the media was practically accusing his parents of neglect and child endangerment.

Now, I don’t claim to know everything about Scientology and I know it seems strange to most of us. BUT that doesn’t mean they didn’t give their son medical care. I don’t know of any information that says Scientology prohibits medicine. They do have very specific views in depression which is a very different kind of disorder.

 Us wanting to know how the family is coping and how he died is normal. Most of Amercia really likes the family and we all feel like we know them a bit. But, this isn’t the time to start digging up dirt on Scientology and using the Travoltas as scapegoats.

Most of us think Scientogists are weird. Not the point. They should have some time to grieve before American paparazzi starts their witch hunt.

OK, I’m done.