PETA commercial is nasty!


Now, as most of you know I am not a prude. BUT THAT PETA COMMERCIAL IS FILTHY!

When I heard NBC wasn’t airing it I assumed that they were being paranoid because  of Justin pulling Janet’s shirt open @ the Superbowl  in front of millions. That is not the case. The women in the commercial are having foreplay with pumpkins, broccoli and kale. Where that one girl sticks the asparagus is crazy!!!! The poor Veggie Tales are turning over in their crisper!

Now, I am not trying to tell people how to live their lives. I mean what they do in the privacy of their own kitchen is their business. But I don’t want to watch it. And for those of you that do wanna see it. Go get a circular from Food Lion and a Victoria’s Secret catalogue and make a collage!

Opinions anyone?


4 Responses

  1. Never thought PETA had a sense of humor.As for the commercial, I don’t understand what a woman could do with a pumpkin. A dude would probably just put a wig on it. But a woman?

  2. Hey! Who’s watching the traffic?!! What a woman decides to do with a cucumber and a salad shooter is up to her. Veggie-porn is a part of our freedom of speech!

  3. Jennie,

    I respect you for your stand on the PETA commercial.

    Way to go!!!!!

    More people should be like you!!!

    By the way, I never viewed this revolting piece of filth.

    Can you get me the link?


  4. I thought the commercial was hilarious, but only for the fact that it was never intended to be aired. I think marketing people (like the folks at have probably figured out that they get more publicity by having a banned advertisement (that folks can still watch on the internet) than a plain old fashioned one. They get their cake and eat it too, and don’t even have to pay the multimillion dollar Super Bowl fee for airing it. It’s win/win/win.

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