Drew Peterson has a future wife???


The guy has been married 4 times. One wife claims he beat her. One wife is dead and he is implicated in the murder. Another wife has gone missing. And she wants to be #5?  What the hell!!!!

Not dating him seems like a no brainer. Though after watching their interview on The Today Show I gotta say she prolly can’t finish a game of chess…or go fish.

The worst part is this idiot has 2 children! Now, if she likes the guy and wants to marry him whatever! But she has a responsibility to protect her children and she ain’t doin it.



5 Responses

  1. ummmmmm Jenny, I believe you summed it up. You are so right. She must be desperate.

  2. ummmmmm Jennie, I believe you summed it up pretty well. The woman must be desperate and she should not bring her children into it.

  3. ummmmmm Jennie, you are so right and I believe you summed it up. You are so right.

    ummmmmm Jennie.

  4. Yeah many opinions… this is just a bit worst than the guy that married his 17th year old girlfriend in Florida while looking for his daughter that went missing while she was looking after her…let me think… what’s the sentence I want to use??? Too soon and what are you thinking?

  5. I think it’s time to contact your boss again Jennie.Two months without a blog!!??

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