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  1. Jennie, I enjoy your blog but I would like to see it be more useful. I’ve got an idea: I have an illness call Ulcerative Colitis. This requires me to use a lot of public restrooms. Although this illness is serious, painful, and occasionally embarrasing I strive to find “comic relief”. I would like for someone even if it’s not you, to expose different business’s cleanest and dirtiest bathrooms. I’ve been trying to get the city to take responsibility and to give ratings as they do resturants, but no one listens. Under federal goverenment “guidelines” my illness is not recognized as a disability…yet. But through hope, hard work, education and exposure I hope all this changes and business’s become mandated to keep their restrooms clean. They lowered the curbs for wheelchairs… what about me??? LOL… Funny but true. Please help with my cause. I feel like you are just the person who can get a point across and still get a good laugh out of it. Thanks…………………. Jenni

  2. Jennie you’ve got to be the best traffic reporter in the nation. I just saw you on youtube and you keep things really interested. Good job and keep up the good work.

  3. Jennie!
    Please don’t quit! You are the only reason I watch WXII morning news! Your outrageous comments and hysterical sense of humor are the reason I get up in the morning. Do we need to put out a Jenny Alert…or maybe an APB for the Traffic Lady! Come back. We need you. The news is nothing but blather without you.

    Please reconsider.

    P.S. You were right, their traffic report was sucky!

  4. Jennie,

    You are not only the best traffic reporter ever, you are also one of the best entertainers I have seen in a long time and I am suprised you are not starring in your own show by now. You make the WXII morning news so very enjoyable even when the news is not so pleasant around the world.

    Super job!

  5. Jennie.I own a drywall company so I don’t get to see you much in the mornings but I do see it here.The funniest thing I have ever seen was when your tush did the traffic.That was the best way in the world to tell someone to kiss your butt.Its so sad that some people have no sense of humor.It seems all the news is doom and gloom so having you spice up the news is awesome.Keep up the good work.

  6. Hey,
    It’s so nice to see someone on the news that doesn’t fit the old mold. For some reason, news organizations seem to think that we want our newscasters to be sterile….no sense of humour or personal style. I hope that WXII realizes that you are the only reason we turn to channel 12 in the morning instead of channel 2.

  7. Hey Jenny,Tell us about your Atv and Clay shooting at Primand.Tell the viewers about our Atv ride.

  8. First how did the spelling contest work out for you, i noticed my reply never made it to your blog. I guess you print only the good things about yourself so nobody will know that you are clueless airhead who has no idea?

  9. Hey Jennie, The morning show wouldn’t be the same without you! Your funny traffic reports make my day!

  10. Hey Jennie, I was just reading your blog on where to take the kids….just so you know Tuesday nights at O’charley’s kids eat free with a paying adult. it has been a while since i have been….but i bet you can call and find out!


  11. Jennie I think you are so funny you are main reason I turn the news on in the morings when getting the kids up for school Thank because you get me laughing in the morings which gets me off to a good start of my day

  12. Jenny is there anyway possible I can get you to inform the public that dialing *HP on their cell phone is the same as dialing 911 both are emergency lines. Please be aware of your surroundings and if you are in the city limits of any city in the state of NC please do not dial *HP dial 911 for the local police. The Highway Patrol gets so many calls from people that are downtown Greensboro and Winston Salem and calling the Highway Patrol. Remember 911 and *HP are for emergencies only not to report some guy just passed you on I40 and he isnt wearing his sealt belt.
    Thank you for the job you do.

  13. Hello Jennie,
    You’re fun and daring….walking the line at times, but you manage to squeak by….(I defend you when anyone takes a jab atcha).
    But enough.
    What I wonder is why do you guys always say “after the break……………..after the break………….after the break?”
    Why don’t you cue the breaks with something more serving and less tedious like, “WXII from Winston-Salem,” or the name of your show, or your name, or anything else. We’re tired of “AFTER THE BREAK, AFTER THE BREAK, AFTER THE BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GIVE US A BREAK!
    Oh well, you can tell I love the show and all of you. Cameron Kent is so All-American, Van Scoy a great anchor and everyone else such team players………..and you offer needed comic relief. So keep on doing your thing!
    And I like asparagus anyway I can get them.
    Gordon Bendall
    Yanceyville, NC

  14. Hey Jennie!
    My daughter and I watch for you on the traffic report every morning. Please tell your girls Ms. Ginger says “hello”!
    Your amaizing and we love hearing Jennie’s take on it all!
    Ms. Ginger
    Greensboro, NC

    • Thanks! The girls were happy to hear from you! Hope all is well. Jennie

  15. Dear Jennie, As a mother how do you feel about WXII CH 12 having a place where people can send in pictures of their TATTOO’s. I do not like it. I think it will encourage our young people to get TATTOO’s. I don’t think it is something the station should be taken part in. Esther Johnson

    • Lemme tell ya….I never thought about it much but I can tell ya that my kids better never come home with a face piercing or tattoo.

  16. You spice up the morning news and you keep it from being so boringggggggggggg! Keep up the good work and keep your sense of humor. My husband and I enjoy your input every morning. You make us forget the problems we all face this day and time. For a little while anyway. Please keep up the joy you bring to the morning news everyday.

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